the Quality-price Ratio of Bridge Type Multi-blades Block Cutting Machine

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      As the saying goes“Cheap goods are not good ,good goods are not cheap”,this maybe right for others ,but not suitable for the bridge type multi-blades block cutting machine.Matching is the key part for this machine.Assesses comprehensively all factors of site work such as:the block quality、the cutting requirements、 personnel and so on.Make the rational choice and the best use of everything.Then you can save expenses ,reduce the cost and improve competitiveness .This relies on the familiarity of related knowledge and similar products.
      The bridge type multi-blades block cutting machine is to cut the stone ,wood and steel.Our machine adopts the extra heavy crossbeam ,solid extra heavy steel pillars,lengthen and thicken the main axis.The machine’s blades moving left and right controlled by frequency converter and the speed will be adjusted depend on the hardness of the stone. The blades lifting up and down is driven  4 pillars by oil hydraulic pressure cylinder .The  pillars are made of high quality solid round steel plated with hard chromium,  and automatic lubricating.
      The key parts of our multi-blades block cutting machine use imported components.And the block can be cut directly on the ground to save the worktable and it maintaining fee.Hence ,our block cutter is featured with high efficiency and cutting accuracy,high stable,easy operating and the processing slabs are high flatness.