How to Use Infrared Slabs Cutting Machine

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   Do you know how to use an infrared slabs cutting machine?Then I will introduce the usage to you .
   1. Turn on the power and check whether the rotation of each part of the machine is flexible and whether the fasteners are loose after the infrared cutting machine is installed
   2. Turn on the power and press the button on the main unit. The direction of the blade is the same as the direction of the arrow.If you reverse the immediate adjustment.After the inspection, the rock sample can be installed for cutting. When the rock sample is clamped, a reliable clamping point should be selected to prevent false clamping .In order to avoid damage to the tool and the rock sample during the cutting process due to rock turbulence.
   3. when clamping irregular rock, can use the top pressure method,Gripping steps:First lay the rock sample on the work bench.Then push the top-pressing jig into the T-slot.Fix the distance between the selected and the rock sample.Lock fixture base screws,move the jack bolt up and down to choose a reliable clamping point.Then, the top bar nut is locked, and then the top bar is rotated until the top bar tops the rock sample.Meanwhile tighten the top nut to prevent the top bar from loosening during cutting.
   4. When cutting the core sample,If the number of rocks is large, a number of rock specimens can be pressed on the long pressure plate attached to it and cut together to improve work efficiency.Proceed as follows:Place the rock sample flat on the workbench, insert the platen bolt into the T-slot, and insert one end of the long pressure plate into the square hole of the vertical surface of the workbench. Turn the adjusting screw and the nut of the platen bolt to press the rock sample.If there is a slight error in the diameter of the core sample, a thin veneer can be placed on top of the rock sample so that the long press plate can be pressed into the rock sample.This method is also applied when clamping cut-out rectangular and cube samples.
   5. When starting work, start the main motor and press the work button.When starting cutting, due to the irregular shape of the rock, the feed rate is slow at this time.Wait until the blade edge has fully entered the rock sample.
   6. Infrared cutting machine automatic advance and retreat knife.When the cutter moves along the table to the terminal, it can automatically recede to the start and automatically stop moving.If you need to go back during work, press the console rewind button.In the fast retreat, you need to go forward and press the work feed button to advance the knife.Regardless of feeding or retracting, pressing the stop button can stop the cutter.When working, if you find that the cutter is far from the rock sample, you can press the fast forward button (press and hold) or jog forward. When the blade approaches the rock sample, release the button.Then press the work feed button to perform normal cutting.This shortens the feed assist time.
   7. when cutting test pieces,before the work, adjust the feed rate according to the rock hardness.Adjusting the feed rate during cutting may cause tool marks .According to the experience of cutting hard stones, the speed is generally about 40 mm/min.
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