Bridge Type Muilti-blades Block Cutting Machine Introduction

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   Our company develops, manufactures and sells various types of stone machinery. The bridge type multi-blades block cutting machine is a commonly used stone cutting machine.
   The digital control system of the bridge type multi-blades block cutting machine is powerful and easy to operate.The bridge type multi-blades block cutting machine adopts heavy-duty beam, solid extra heavy guide column, and the main shaft lengthens and thickens;The bridge type combination saw blade is controlled by a frequency converter.According to the stone material, speed regulation .Up and down using hydraulic lift (can also be used to lift the screw).Before and after the use of high-precision screw nut transmission, automatic fragmentation,the key parts are imported high-quality spare parts.Blocks can be placed directly on the ground.Save on trolleys and maintenance costs;Therefore, it has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, high slicing precision, good plate flatness, high stability, and operation merger.Particularly suitable for the cutting of high-value granite and marble blocks.
   In order to meet the needs of customers, our bridge-type multi-blades block cutting machine can select matching components according to the actual needs of customers. Interested friends are welcome to contact us.