the Advantages of Bridge Type Multi-blades Block Cutting Machine

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   We are the manufacturers of the multi-blades block cutting machine,what advantages does our machine have ?
   The bridge type multi-blades block cutting machine uses the heavy-duty beam, the solid extra heavy guide column, the main shaft lengthens thickly,The left and right cutters are controlled by a frequency converter and adjusted according to the material of the stone.The up and down movement of the bridge type multi-blades block cutting machine adopts the hydraulically-driven guide pillars to lift.The guide column uses the solid round steel chrome plating processing and automatic lubrication.The surface of the guide bush is rolled into a circular oil storage pit, which can work normally under low oil or oil breakage conditions. It has the advantages of low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and long service life.Before and after the use of high-precision screw nut drive, automatic fragmentation.The key parts are imported parts, and the blocks can be directly placed on the ground. It has the advantages of high cutting accuracy, high precision of slicing, high stability, easy operation, and flatness of the cutting slabs.
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