The Working Principle of Bridge Type Infrared Slabs Cutting Machine

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   We are the manufacturer of bridge type infrared slabs cutting machine .Infrared bridge type slabs cutter is an ideal choice for processing small block and kerb stone.Then I will introduce the working principle of this machine to you .
Infrared bridge type slabs cutter adopts large-span bridge type structure design. The skateboard is positioned and lifted. It has the advantages of high impliedness and not easily deformed. It is suitable for medium and heavy load cutting.The knife adopts the speed control of the frequency converter to realize stepless speed cutting and is equipped with a 0-90/360-degree plus heavy hydraulic rotary table.
   The main axis rotate at high-speed.Spindle lifting control vertical feed, transverse box lateral movement speed control the amount of lateral feed, longitudinal movement of the beam to control the longitudinal walking speed;The worktable controls the shape of the stone plate according to the need to rotate 90° to achieve the purpose of cutting the stone plate.
   The infrared bridge type slabs cutting machine CNC system we manufactured is powerful. It is easy to operate; it can increase the processing speed and double the working efficiency; and it can choose the matching components according to the actual needs of customers.