Operational Notes of Bridge Type Infrared Slabs Cutting Machine

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    We are the manufacturer of bridge type infrared slabs cutting machine.Then what need to pay attention to the operation of infrared cutting machine?Then I will introduce the operational notes to you.
    1.Applicable manufacturers ensure that the power supply voltage is stable and the limits are reliable;
    2. Circuit breakers should be installed in the power supply line, and the power supply should be cut off during maintenance to avoid the risk of electric shock.
    3. When the machine is used, the total power of the machine should be cut off for safety
    4. The electric control box and the hydraulic station part of the machine table should be provided with appropriate waterproof measures, and shall not be poured into the water, so as to avoid damage caused by the electronic control;
    5. The maintenance of electrical parts should have qualified qualified electrical maintenance personnel for overhaul. It is strictly forbidden that the miscellaneous personnel open the electrical control box so as to avoid danger or cause partial damage to the electrical control;
    6. When any safety switch or emergency stop switch is actuated, the safety relay operates immediately and the main circuit power is cut off to prevent accidents.
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